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Men of War

Haven’t posted anything for a long time.

I am a big fan of the Men of War series of computer games (Also Soldiers and Faces of War which were earlier games from the same Russian developers).

The latest version is Men of War: Assault Squad 2 which is available on Steam.

Anyway having played the games alot, I decided to use the built in map and mission editor to create a scenario based on the Bocage fighting encountered by US troops as they pushed inland from the Normandy beaches. It’s going well and I have designed it so that a player will encounter the same problems that the Americans found in WWII. These include well thought out German defences that took advantage of the landscape and the fact that US tanks were hindered by the French style hedgerows that were more like stone and earth walls with trees and bushes growing on top.

Man of War Bocage map screen shots:

Bocage 2 Bocage 3

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I have been told that Len Heath passed away on Monday 9th Jan 2012.

Part of his life story lives on here.


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Real Time WWII

An interesting project started by a history graduate. He has started a Twitter account that tracks the events of WWII as if they were happening today in realtime.

The Tweets can be read here:!/realtimewwii


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Channel 5 documentary

Just noticed that Channel 5 (UK) are broadcasting a documentary about Alistair Urquhart, a 91 year old WWII veteran who was captured by the Japanese in Singapore. I suspect it will be similar to Robbies experiences.
It’s called “World War Two’s Luckiest Man: Revealed” and is probably worth watching on 6th Sept:

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Trip to Bovington Tank Museum

Last year (2010) I made a trip to Bovington Tank Museum and took a few photos of a Bren Gun Carrier and other vehicles. Len drove one of these onto the Normandy beaches and across Europe.

bren gun carrier

Example of a Bren Gun Carrier on display at Bovington Tank Museum


bren gun carrier rear view

Rear view of Bren Gun Carrier (Bovington Tank Museum)

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This site has been set up to publish some world war two stories. The content initially appeared on a custom site called ‘War Stories’ for a number of years, but that was closed down recently and the content moved here.

It should be easier to keep this one going and to add new content and features.

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